Scott Butler Confirmed At Scoutmoor 24

We are delighted to announce firefighter, author and Guinness World Record holding adventurer Scott Butler as a speaker at Scoutmoor 24.

Scott has taken on human powered challenges that has seen him test his physical and mental resilience from the home counties to Russia.

Always keen to find interesting and unique adventures, he brings a wealth of experience and stories through the ups and downs of his expeditions.

From solo rowing self repaired plywood boats across the Black Sea to running across Eastern Europe with a wheelbarrow, from Skateboarding 500 miles around Denmark to dragging a car tyre for 40 miles around the forests of Berkshire, the stories are as varied as they are ridiculous and inspiring! 

One of his most recent trips was a 900 mile ride across Tanzania on a Bamboo bicycle where he was immersed in the realities of rural Africa in all its raw beauty, experiencing life on the road in areas where tourism just doesn’t exist.

“Being slapped in the face by a flying fish in the middle of the night, a thousand miles from land, reminds you just how small you are and how wonderfully diverse our planet is. To go out and experience the world we live in is a privilege, but its not just for the privileged. No matter where we come from, adventure is out there for everyone, two minutes from your front door or on land that no other human has ever stood before. If the payoff is a fishy face, I’m more than happy to pay up!”