Oli France

Oli’s journey has taken him through an eclectic array of global terrains and political landscapes. Over the past decade, he’s navigated some of the world’s most treacherous regions, including Iraq, the militia-infested jungles of the Congo, and the unpredictable backstreets of Aleppo, Syria. 

Each expedition has been a chapter in a much larger quest—a relentless pursuit of profound understanding and personal enlightenment, rather than just thrill-seeking. His journeys have challenged him in every conceivable way: from braving natural calamities like avalanches and earthquakes to diplomatically circumventing detainments by wary foreign authorities.
Beyond mere physical survival, these unique voyages offer Oli valuable insights into the human condition. They allow him to examine the core of resilience, the dynamics of adaptability, and the essence of decision-making under extreme duress. These immersive experiences have not only sculpted him into a seasoned adventurer but also into an observer of human behaviour, as well as a versatile crisis manager.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@Oli_France

Website: https://www.wildedge.co/